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Gay Bottom and “Internal Orgasms”

Friday, November 26, 2010

I received this Email and since I didn’t know the answer, I thought I would post it here for others to comment. The originator of the Email agreed to have it posted if I did so anonymously:


I’ve been told by local guys (in the gay community) that my description of myself as a “total bottom” is not accurate. But I would like a professional’s opinion about how you would describe my orientation. I have not “come out” to my family because they would disown me.

When around men I’m interested in, I feel submissive. I definitely tend toward what society would describe as the “traditionally female” role. I derive MUCH more pleasure from being in that role than anything I have ever done that involved my penis.

I have had one long term male lover and in our relationship I was able to have what I call “internal orgasms.”’ It feels like a biochemical endorphin release. There is no ejaculate, no external indications that I was even excited. I take that back, my nipples get erect.

These ‘internal orgasms’ are INCREDIBLE!!! When I do ejaculate, I get nothing in the way of pleasure, and almost immediately feel overcome by a feeling of disgust – that is the closest I can come to describing it
I understand that I’m not your patient, and you may not be interested in commenting on my situation. Anyway, thanks for reading this.

I am looking forward to reading your book.

Loren’s Comment:

Thanks for you question. Sex is complex and complicated, isn’t it?

You are correct in your assumption that I cannot offer medical advice on these pages.

I don’t care much for labels. Labeling people as “tops” and “bottoms” suggests that each of must be either one or the other. In fact, there are many ways to express our sexuality. It is not uncommon for men to express a preference for one role or the other, but under the right circumstances may happily change roles.

You are what you are, and like what you like so the label doesn’t seem important. I have always assumed, as you did, that a “total bottom” was someone who had an exclusive preference for the role of the receptive partner in anal sex.

I can say that what you describe as an “internal orgasm” is not common in my conversations with other men, but that doesn’t mean it is perverted or wrong. And it may be much more common than I am aware among men who have an exclusive preference for the receptive role.

I have written in my book about the hormone “oxytocin.” It is the hormone that women secrete when they are nursing babies and it is thought to be responsible for bonding between mother and child. It is present in both men and women.

I would guess that the “biochemical release” you feel may be related to a surge of oxytocin release. I believe that kissing and anal sex are the most intimate physical connections men can have with each other. Being inside someone, or having them inside you, brings you physically as close as possible. When it is accompanied by an emotional connection with the partner, it leads to a very intense emotional intimacy.

My guess — and I emphasize “guess” — is that what you are experiencing is a sudden release of oxytocin. This causes you to feel an intense emotional bonding with your partner, perhaps almost a spiritual connection.

I am guessing that most of the time it would not happen with a casual sexual partner, correct?

Loren Olson

Here is his response to my comment:

In your response, you asked me if this internal orgasm ever happened with casual sexual encounters. Yes, it has. I find that the most important factors for facilitating my internal orgasms are: foreplay, position, and gentleness of my partner. It won’t happen with a guy who is rough or demeaning.

I meet most guys over the Internet, as I live in a very rural area. I have learned to watch for clues in the correspondence that help me avoid meeting what I call “haters.” It doesn’t always work, but it usually does.

I can usually talk a man through what physically feels good if he has not already figured it out.

I found it interesting that you brought up nursing mothers. My nipples are INCREDIBLY sensitive. Just a partner’s brushing against the inside of my shirt sometimes gets me aroused. In general, gay men are far too rough with my nipples, and it takes a man with a very gentle nature/touch to exploit them to their full potential

Loren’s Comment:

I spoke with another man once who described himself as a “total bottom.” He said the entire focus of his sexual pleasure was on being certain that his partner experienced maximum pleasure. I asked him what he did about his own sexual pleasure, and his response was, “I can always take care of that myself.” Reaching his own orgasm during sex with his partner was not his concern.

I am very interested to hear others’ comments on this topic.

17 Responses to “Gay Bottom and “Internal Orgasms””

  1. Robert says:

    I am confused. . . Isn’t he just referring to an anal orgasm?

    When natural lube is secreted , it even LOOKS like cum and gives you an amazing orgasm.

    For me it is much better than the normal orgasm and last much longer. You can sometimes feel the effects for thirty minutes or so.

    Look it up on google, there are quite a few articles about the anal orgasm. It is why gay men have been fucking since the dawn of time! haha


  2. Loren A. Olson M.D. says:

    Bob, Thanks for commenting. I have to admit ignorance on this issue and obviously some research on the subject is necessary.

    Obviously, being the receptive partner in anal course is extremely pleasurable for many. You can’t be a top without a bottom and there seems to be no shortage of bottoms.

    It has always been my assumption that the pleasure comes from the direct pressure of the inserted penis on the prostate glad. The prostate manufactures most of the fluid part of ejaculation that carries the sperm that is manufactured in the testicles. When men have pre-cum it is the prostatic fluid prior to the time the seminal vessicles release the stored sperm into the ejaculate.

    I will do some more investigation but I would also like to hear from some of the rest of you about your experience, too.

  3. Kevin says:

    Loren, I found your articles very interesting.

    I have always thought of myself as a total bottom although I am not effeminate in any way. I usually have an internal orgasm. If I don’t cum in the traditional way, I feel more than satisfied.

    However, if my partner is attentive to my penis, when I cum it is mind blowing, earth shattering. I would not be able to stand up, I’m shaking short of breath, every nerve is tingling. Words can’t explain it.

    The old hand job or blow job is just like a pop! compared to the other. Also I have tried to top and at times have been frantic to top, but my penis will not stay hard to penetrate. So I stick to what I know and enjoy best.

  4. Loren A. Olson M.D. says:

    Thanks for you comment, and you have raised some interesting points.

    Some people equate being a “total bottom” with effeminancy simply because it is a more “passive,” receptive role. However I hear many men who enjoy/prefer being a bottom and they are quite masculine. In some cultures, those who are the receptive partner in male same sex relationships are looked down upon. Those same cultures also often disrespect women. In many profiles, men write, “Very masculine, no anal, no kissing.”

    In my book I have written about how these men seem to believe that if they allow anal that they are on a slippery slope that eventually leads to being totally gay. It is as if being a bottom removes the partition that separates the self-identity from their sexual orientation identity.

    We also sometimes (erroneously) believe that all sexuality is intended to lead toward ejaculation. In my interviews with other men, I find that often younger men are more inclined to make that mistake than more mature men. But many of us know that the “Pop!” you have mentioned is disappointing. I think that is part of the reason that sex from cyber sex and/or hook-ups can be unsatisfying and accompanied by a lot of guilt.

    It’s a little like Peggy Lee’s song, “Is that all there is?” Many of us know that the real answer to that question is: No, that is not ALL that there is.

  5. Paul says:

    I am and always have been totally bottom and with the same partner since my school days although we do quite often have a menage de trois with a girl who is a good friend to both of us.

    It is this relationship that has helped me to understand the nature of my orgasm and where it comes from. With my boyfriend there is no frontal stimulation whatever I am non erect and entirely dependent on him for my orgasm which builds from deep inside me (my prostate) and reaches lift off at my opening.

    It is shattering and, completely mind numbing. In our threesomes however, whilst my friend is still in me, I am in the girlfriend. Although the build up is almost the same the pleasure diverts and I orgasm conventionally. I have to admit it’s lovely but not quite so electric. So I think it is in part anal stimulation brings the orchestra together so to speak.

  6. Loren A. Olson M.D. says:

    Loren’s Comment::

    I would take exception to your saying this is “not a male thing.” Obviously, if other men are experiencing it, it is a “male thing.” One of the great misunderstandings about anal sex is that being the receptive or submissive partner in anal sex is “feminine,” and many people in many cultures devalue women. Consequently, we as men feel we must apologize for doing something that is not masculine enough.

  7. Paul says:

    I was interested to read Peters comment, and I can understand his concern about this “female thing.” But it isn’t female at all.

    When I was in my teens, I too was concerned, but not now. As Loren says, it’s obviously a male thing if men can experience it. Perhaps more importantly very few women can experience orgasm at all let alone intense ones.

    It obviously has a physical cause but the mental side, I feel, has more to do with the yin and yang, as they say in the East. Many men (both straight and gay) are submissive by nature and I think this opens up the pathways of the brain to this kind of stimulation.

    I have to admit that I am totally submissive and I find the pleasure gained is all consuming. With my friend his brain is inside mine from start to finish and interestingly he feels this connection also. He brings my mind as well as my body to orgasm. I have no control over anything during this time. I’m somewhere in the universe — a part of his energy.

  8. Albert says:

    I know this might sound weird but I am one of those VERY masculine man, hairy, no effeminate at all but when it comes making love, I am 100% total bottom is like i had no penis i do not even care to stimulate it and often I feel I need no hardons at all, if I had not it would be perfect to me! so I would become and get used to my inner sexual nature!
    More comments on this topic and mine would be sincerly appreciated


  9. Sean says:

    My bf is always a top, I’m always his bottom, and the role polarity excites us. I wear a jockstrap to indicate my anus is available but, more importantly, that I expect no attention to my genitals. He wears boxers–so he can slide it out (but notice that boxers cover his butt and say his butt isn’t the focus. If we have some time, like a Saturday afternoon, he’ll give me insertive sex for a couple of hours at a time (Viagra aided sometimes). When he strips to his boxers, I always say yes, take my pants off, and lubricate myself. He says he became addicted to topping me since we met, and I have never refused an occasion if we both have the time. There’s no emotional attachment, just pure sex, and he’s good at it. Decadent or nasty, some would say, but I find it beautiful that we have been able to continue in our respective roles so successfully and frequently.

  10. David says:

    Maybe the reason that the guy on the bottom isn’t feeling orgasms is because his anus isn’t a vagina and he wasn’t made to have sex with men. A lot of gay men need to realize that they don’t need to have sex with men to feel a connection with men. And to every gay person out there. God loves you immensely, but what you are doing with your same-sex partner is wrong.

  11. David says:

    A lot of you, just like me, didn’t have a male role model in your life or you have trouble getting accepted by women. If that is why you became gay, then you gave up too easily. Being gay isn’t a gene. It is a choice. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate homosexuals. But is this necessary? Do you really need AIDS? Have you been hurt by women like I have? Is that why you’ve turned gay? You weren’t born that way.

  12. pepper says:

    i tried bottoming for casual sex… it really feels different. well there’s no ‘oxytocin’ something, it was just plain ‘oh you’re hitting it, my prostate is getting full’ sensation but not totally pleasurable.

    if the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing (the best position depending if his tool curves down or curves up) it feels like nothing. and without the kissing, the guys no matter how pretty their faces and hot their bodies are, it was like an OK experience.

    bottoming with someone you love and trust is really way better.

    just my two cents.

  13. Roger P. says:

    My Two Cents Worth….

    With regard to positions preferred, feminate, masculine, external orgasms and internal orgasms I wish to pass on the following.

    I am ‘versatile’. I love all mansex, top or bottom. I don’t consider myself overly masculine or overly feminine. I’m just a regular joe except for some of my personality traits, likes and dislikes. I’ve met far too many effeminate men who are killer tops and far too many masculine men who are awesome bottoms to argue that being a bottom is definately NOT necessarily an effeminate thing or the rule of thumb..
    I think the bottom preference is due to the tolerance of the minor pain or feeling of being uncomfortable (when the penis first enters) and the stimulation one gets from the pleasure of it once the initial insertion is passed and the actual act of fucking begins. The bulk of the pleasure is the stimulation of the prostate being repeatedly rubbed from the fucking motion of the penis as it rubs back and forth (in and out) across it. Some men also find a lot of pleasurable stimulation at the actual anal orafice and enjoy the stimulation from the penis passing in and out as well. Some men recieve stimulation from the bounce they get from the penis being fully penetrated and the pressure of the body of the top bouncing off of the buttocks and peri area of the person being the bottom or recieving the stimulation while being penetrated and on top as they do the motion in the sex act and the get that big ‘stretch’ from the entire penis reaching maximum penetration as well as the bounce, once again, just from a different motion or position. They also enjoy the extra ‘stretch’ sensation they get from this part of the fucking motion and this too can help them achieve the internal orgasm as well..
    While some men consider being a bottom an effeminate thing much like the women in a heterosexual relationship it’s more or less a preference of stimulation thing to achieve sexual satisfaction more than anything else.
    Most men of the mind set that are tops or straight men beileve that their superiority comes from the ability and desire to dominate someone and to use them as a recipticle for their manseed (semen) much the way we feel about a garbage can being used as a recepticle for our waste or ejaculate after our sexual release is achieved or as what is left after the good part is spent.
    Dominate men or those who prefer to be the top in hetero or homo sexual relationships, usually have a higher testosterone level which makes their behavior in the relationship more aggressive. There are also men in heterosexual relationships that prefer to be dominated by the female so, there is no clear line of thought on this issue.
    Men who enjoy being the bottom in a sexual encounter, sometimes prefer being dominated, used or being the effeminate of the pair or group or they just enjoy the penis being inserted in their anus and the stimulation it provides. Some times it’s just the stimulation they prefer at that point in time, much like myself when I want to bottom. There are no clear cut rules here.
    I’ve had many friends who’ve talked about ‘internal orgasms’ but, didn’t quite know what they were talking about until I started to pay more attention to the stimulation/reaction I was getting during the act of sex instead of being so caught up in the outlet and the encounter.
    I’ve read some pretty accurate descriptions of a male internal orgasm on this page as well as other places on the internet. I beileve that it is a release of “oxytocin” as well as a combination of other physical stimulations at the same time and in each individual who experiences them, it can be achieved differently.
    Where it differs the most from an external orgasm is you don’t feel the orgasm travel up the shaft of the penis and manifest it’s self as ejaculate. With an internal orgasm, the overtly pleasurable apex of sensation or orgasm produces no ejaculate what so ever or just simply pre cum with no actual semen that more or less oozes out instead of spurting as regular ejaculate does.
    The feelings or stimulation from it is centered more from where the stimulation or combination of stimulations are occuring instead of the penis. They can be achieved through either stimulation from the penis, penetration of the anus and stimulation of the prostate or other forms of stimulation or sensation from intercourse or masturbating as well. Some men can achieve much the same type of sensation as a multiple orgasm that a woman feels with or with out tantric sex training or just by experimenting on their own with what feels good, great or excellent to them or ‘edging’ as some call it with a purposful objective to reach climax but, to stop it before it actually happens and then rebuild to that point again a few minutes later. .
    “Blissful” is a word often used to describe the feeling of an internal orgasm. I get both the effects from an external orgasm when I have them… the feeling very similar to a regular orgasm without feeling that you get from the ejaculate erupting with out producing any and I have no feeling of the ejaculation in the penis, it’s self, most of the time, even though I can have them when I am masturbating with no anal stimulation at all or with anal stimulation and no masturbating action. I also have the blissful feeling that passes over you when you have a regular orgasm but, the orgasmic feeling and the blissful feeling or (afterglow) are often a bit more shortlived, sometimes less intense and not as energy consuming as a normal orgasm and I can continue in the sex act I am doing with or without a partner with only a few moments of hesitation or pause (as I like to call it) to enjoy the sensation of the internal orgasm or I can actually stop or slow down and enjoy it more in detail and depth of feeling and make the sensations last longer.
    Some men and women feel like when they are “horny” (for lack of a better term right now) that they need to ejaculate or achieve orgasm. What I have found from really examining my feelings and the sensations of sexual entercourse when I finally engage it is that when I am feeling horny, that it is the ACT or the physical ‘encounter’ of sex, rather than the orgasm that I am in need of. It’s the physical contact and release of frustration, anger, lonelieness, and a host of other things that drives me to find a sex partner at these times….the orgasm or orgasms, are just the icing on the cake from the encounter. I also note that when I am particularly horny that I am often bitchy or short tempered as my frustration builds until I realize what the problem is and act to some how resolve it or until a friend tells me “You need to get laid!”
    After logically discussing this with many friends, we are all of the same conclusion. We do freely admit that the release of ejaculate is also part of the equasion when seeking a sex partner or feeling horny, but, in the end, it’s more about the physical aspects of the encounter and sharing it with another human being is what we are really looking for.
    How long or how intense the phsyical part of the encounter is will tell you if your being horny has been satisfied. If you feel no desire to continue with the physical encounter after achieving orgasm it has been satisfied. If not, I usually experience either no loss of erection after actual ejaculation, or I get another erection shortly after having an orgasm and my penis relaxing. Sometimes I feel like I need to have that ejaculation as soon as possible and then the next time concentrate on the physical aspect of the encounter the second or third time around if the parnter is willing before I am totally satisfied. If not, I use manual stimulation until the complete release I’m looking for is satisfied. My maximum amount of external orgasms or semen producing ones in a 24 hour period is 8. I have not kept track of how many internal orgasms I’ve had. Sometimes there are just too many.
    On Kissing…sometimes it’s a preference thing, but, most of the time it’s a ‘psychological’ thing. Some married or partnered men and women actually believe that if they don’t get involved with kissing or a lot of foreplay that it’s not cheating and just using the other person as a receptacle or allowing themselves to be used as a recepticle. That to ‘make love’ or include foreplay and kissing would constitute
    cheating as it includes the ‘romantic’ end of things.
    Some men believe that kissing is something only reserved for heterosexuals. That kissing other men, either platonically or emotionally is just totally taboo but, I find that more with American Cultures than in others and may just be a product of our upbringing as most Europeans have no issues with same sex kissing.
    I personally find kissing and foreplay to be a very important part of the sex act. If I love my partner, kissing is a part of that expression. If it’s a casual encounter, kissing is part of the stimulation for both parties. For me and most men that I talk to, it’s more Masculine to be comfortable enough with yourself to kiss and that kissing is the most intimate thing done in any encounter, sexual or just intimate. Some feel that two men kissing is a show of their masculinity and their control over their own body, mind and emotions. These same men usually feel that men who do not kiss, are not confident in their own sexual identity. It’s all debatable. I, myself, find it very hard to stay focused on the sexual encounter and find it difficult to stay interested, motivated in, or even erect, during the encounter without the stimulation of kissing. Kissing only heightens the intensity and the sensations as well as releasing more endorphins.
    As for Bottoms (masculine or otherwise) who do not retain an erection while being fucked, is neither a masculine or feminine thing.
    Personally, I maintain an erection based on how much stimulation my erection recieves when I’m being fucked or how much my parther turns me on (as far as physical attraction goes). Then there are other times when even if I am physically attracted, if I get too caught up in the sensations and internal orgasms while being fucked, I tend to lose interest in the act of ejaculating and get caught up in having multiple internal orgasms from the stimulation or just concentrating on enjoying the physical encounter and sensations involved with being a bottom. I also have times when I maintain an erection the entire time and when I can achieve an external orgasm without stimulating my erection at all or just by being fucked (which is incredible) or I have had the experience of being flaccid the entire encounter and still producing an external orgasm with ejaculate. I think it all depends on the level of attraction, the amount and technique of stimulation recieved from the partner as well as any internal stimulation or actual thoughts or verbalizations while in the act that might heighten the sexual encounter. So, if you are masculine or feminine, it doesn’t make a difference if you maintain an erection or not. It’s neither a masculine thing or a feminine thing.
    There are also times when I prefer to just really concentrate and enjoy being fucked and reserve my orgasm for later so I can fully enjoy being the bottom in the sex act.
    While I don’t necesarily think there are more bottoms than tops, I do believe that it’s a matter of preference at the time that you search for your encounter or reach out to your partner. With me. It’s all about what kind of stimulation/reaction I am looking for at that moment in time. What I do know is that men who prefer to bottom more actively seek a sexual encounter and those who prefer to top, who need simply to ‘select’ a partner who interests them personally or turns them on.
    I also believe that effeminate qualities in a man are more about their ‘gender identity’ or their personality than it is a top or bottom thing. Some men are more relaxed than others at allowing their feminity to be exposed and at times I beileve that takes more masculinity, courage or balls to feel comfortable in your own skin enough to ‘be yourself’ all the time instead of hiding your effeminate side in some kind of shame. It’s neither a top or bottom thing. It’s more of a personality thing.
    There are MANY heterosexual men who have far more feminine traits than many gay men who actually have no desire for another man, sexually, but, are comfortable enough in their own skin to be themselves as well despite any redicule they might get.
    And finally, nipples….
    While I personally think my nipples are directly connected to my penis, the stimulation sensations and orgasms as well, my current partner prefers NOT to have his nipples stimulated at all during any part of the sex act. So, it’s a preference thing. Some folks nipples are more sensitive than others. While I will agree, that most men ARE too rough with the sex partner’s nipples, I tend to stimulate my sexual partner’s nipples how they’d like them to be stimulated. Some prefer to be more “tickled”. Some like to have their niples pinched or slightly bitten and find more stimulation from them being played with till they are raw feeling and painful. Some like to have them sucked, some like to have them ‘tuned in” like you’d fine tune an AM radio to get it on the station right…..just enough touch to stimulate and excite without being too rough. So, with nipples, again, it’s all a matter of preference for each person and has nothing to do with a masculine or feminine role.
    What is completely sad is that too many times, sexual encounters are avoided because one person thinks the other is too feminine, or too masculine, to easy going or too rough without ever talking about what they like/dislike sexually and may very well have passed up their soul mate because they didn’t fit their ideal in their outward personality.
    I suggest to all who read this….. Get to know each person before you make a judgement or decision about them being top or bottom, effeminate or masculine. You may be passing up the encounter of a life time or the person you’ve been searching for all your life.
    How someone acts around you is one thing. How they’ll act around someone they don’t know, someone who is straight, or family is often a completely different story. Read the book, skip the cover.

  14. Roger P. says:

    A QUICK P.S.

    Two more things from the original posting that I either didn’t cover or wanted to comment on but, forgot in my long diatribe are:

    1. Most of us feel, know or are conditioned that the penis, anus, and vagina, for that matter are all sources of “body waste”. Most of us automatically feel some kind of disgust when we encounter urine or feces or even blood from a female cycle. These are all waste products from the body, usually have an odor that is unpleasant, and of course don’t taste wonderful, either. So, your feeling of disgust when you do ejaculate may be stemmed from this conditioning.
    What you don’t realize is that semen is the seed of life and hardly what we’d consider a waste product, but, we sometimes can’t get it out of our minds that waste products come from the penis so this must be as well…
    You’ll need a change of mindset. It’s pure protein, and something that you can ‘share’ with a partner or learn to love yourself visually as well as orally or other ways. Being the building block of life it’s self, semen is not only NOT a waste product, you can sell it as well. Most gay men covet it, or worship it as manna. Some like to rub it into their skin or your skin during the sex act and some love to consume it as the reward of their labors. I frankly find nothing more wonderful than cum spurting out of the end of a beautiful penis, no matter what shape, size or color. It is just like gold. I think, as I’m sure a lot of gay men would, that your disgust for your own semen is a very SAD thing. It’s your trophy, you’re finish line, your confetti, your celebration of life and the persuit of happieness! Just because you sometimes have to clean it up, doesn’t mean it’s waste, gross, or disgusting…it just means the party had one happy ending!

    2. I used to think that I was a total bottom as well and what ever stimulation I wanted or needed from my penis I could take care of myself. It wasn’t until someone said to me that they wanted to see the look on the face of their partner while they were having the feelings, sensations and pleasures of being the bottom with them doing the fucking that prompted me to start to train, enjoy and use my penis to pleasure some of my partners the way they have pleasured me. It’s downright SELFISH that you think that you can only be a “bottom” and not reciprocate for your partner and make him feel all the wonderful feelings and sensations that you get when you are the bottom and it’s a down right waste of a perfectly good dick!!! As more and more men are finding out, it’s much easier to find that special man or partner if you are open to being versatile than it is if you’re not. Being versatile and enjoying all the positions of sex opens up a multitude of doors for you and your partner to explore.

    Since we now know that completely masculine men like to get fucked as well as the submissive or men with more effeminate quialities do too or might be a top inspite of their actions, it really is no masculine or feminine thing that you want to be fucked or be on the bottom (so to speak). It’s just your sexual preference at that moment in time and what you think you need to satisfy your desires.

    I do suggest that you give topping a handsome man a try a time or two…. The sensations of it are just incredible and might just wake up that penis of yours to a whole new world of sensations and pleasures as well as giving your partner a treat as well. Most men that are attracted to men are receptive to being both the top and the bottom. Some just prefer one position to the other but, when they want the other….they tend to go for it with gusto!

    I suggest you quit thinking you only like vanilla and try the chocolate and the strawberry as well!

    Hope that covers all the issues!

  15. Steven says:

    I’m obviously interested in this subject because my partner can experience this. We discovered he has a “mini clitoris” just inside his anus. Could it be a form of hermaphrodite? He has issues with it as descibed by others as he is a VERY masculine man and almost prefers this type of orgasm. Nice to know there are others. I’m almost jealous that he can experience such intense sexual pleasure as he describes.

  16. I do not think it represents a clitoris since the parallel anatomical structures in men for the female anatomy would be in the penis. I would not consider him an hermaphrodige either. I suspect it has more to do with the sensitivity of his prostrate, but then I’m a psychiatrist, not a urologist. Loren Olson

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